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Trust Asset Consultants
About Us Our consultants have experience and recognition in the areas of fiduciary risk, banking, estate planning, business continuity planning, and the design and management of specialty life insurance programs for corporations, high net worth individuals and affluent family groups. All counseling and consulting engagements are managed by Mr. Whitelaw. E. Randolph Whitelaw E. Randolph Whitelaw manages all counseling and consulting engagements, including counseling based upon engagement of The TOLI Center’s policy performance monitoring and risk management services. Given the lapsing policy crisis, Mr. Whitelaw specializes in problem-solving, including carrier suitability, product suitability and policy performance evaluation, policy design and underwriting, and policy restructure negotiations.  Additionally, he has an active dispute resolution and expert opinion litigation support consulting practice with trial and FINRA arbitration experience.    Recognized as an advocate for ‘life insurance best practices’, he is a prolific author and speaker on the subjects of dispute defensible life insurance suitability and management ‘best’ practices, the need for credible intervention with un-managed policies and the form it should take.  Given his banking, trust, investment and family office background  experience with high net worth individuals, affluent family groups, and family businesses, he has also specialized in safeguarding the interests of all parties to an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust and multi-generational wealth preservation, management and transfer. In managing TAC’s consulting engagements, periodically a ‘unique’ situation requires third-party expertise.  Mr. Whitelaw maintains a wide range of consultant relationships so that third-party expertise is available as may be needed and approved by our client. Mr. Whitelaw’s Curriculum Vitae is available upon request.