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Trust Asset Consultants
Trust Asset Consultants is a fee-based life insurance counseling, consulting and risk management firm. Our clients are businesses, affluent individuals and family groups, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust grantors, trustees, and trust beneficiaries. Over the past 35 years, life insurance companies have significantly enhanced the range and sophistication of investment and death benefit driven life insurance products in response to consumer demands.  However, this sophistication is meaningless without: An understanding of product features and performance risks along with plan design and management suitability implications, Engagement of an experienced third-party provider offering the requisite product knowledge counseling expertise, credible performance monitoring and risk management capabilities, Active collaboration among the key advisors as set out in a Life Insurance Policy Statement. Our engagement frequently commences with problem-solving consulting intervention due to plan performance monitoring and policy suitability inattention, and subsequently transitions to an ongoing life insurance counseling and risk management relationship. Our life insurance counseling and problem-solving services platform addresses the expectations expressed by all clients: single source expertise, convenience and accountability; ‘dispute defensible’ policy evaluation; proactive service and confidentiality; and collaboration, as directed, with our client’s other professional advisors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Life Insurance Policy Crisis.  Published in the ABA Flagship Series, this publication will explain the intervention process trusted advisors can recommend to policy owners to avoid unexpected lapse, obtain creditable fact-based risk management, and ensure a favorable planning outcome.  Topics include: A history of the lapsing life insurance policy crisis A fresh look at the sustainability of existing policies Reforms that can help all policies remain solvent Best practices in litigating against the predatory practices of the life insurance industry “We can no longer pretend that there will not be expensive and time consuming litigation when Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) rules are brought to bare on trust-owned life insurance (TOLI)…This book is an ice bath for advisors and trust guidance professionals - a cold splash of water in the face to wake up all of us to the risks of complacency.  Trust me - you can’t afford NOT to buy and read and reread this book.”  Steve Leimberg, Leimberg Services.