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Trust Asset Consultants
Life Insurance Risk Management Counseling TAC offers its clients a comprehensive range of fee-based policy administration and risk management counseling services appropriate for today’s asset management environment. For three decades, ‘traditional’ sales transaction-based life insurance marketing practices have been questioned.  The graphic below shows the broad scope of planning, counseling, management and problem-solving services available from TAC.  Equally important, it shows how carrier and policy information can be communicated to our client so that ‘current’ policy administration and management information is readily accessible. Inforce life insurance policies are usually ‘at risk’ of lapse if they have not received annual performance monitoring and risk management attention.  Credible policy evaluation is critical to performance monitoring and ‘dispute defensible’ risk management determinations.  As shown on this graphic, actuarially- certified policy evaluation should serve as the basis for risk management decisions concerning premium adequacy, policy sustainability, and any corrective lapse avoidance actions.