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Trust Asset Consultants
The TOLI Center The TOLI Center (TTC) offers life insurance policy, trust and portfolio level reporting along with  actuarially-certified policy evaluation specifically designed for informed fact-based risk management. TTC combines product knowledge expertise with prudent and contemporary risk management practices. As a result, advisor, trustees and policy owners have the information to make informed risk management decisions that maximize the probability of a favorable outcome to the planning purpose..   Also, TTC provides the plan administration and life insurance asset management platform that allows all policy owner types to easily access basic life insurance planning and management data. TTC can provide the software so that this information resides on our client’s server for  confidentiality and security reasons. TAC and TTC combine to offer clients ‘best practices’ counseling, consulting and ‘dispute defensible’ policy management convenience so that life insurance can be managed with the same time-tested discipline as fixed income and equity investments.